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Hi, I’m Zain (Patel)! I’ve recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with a mathematics degree and started at QuantumBlack in the new QuantumBlack Labs division. It’s been great fun so far!

I’ve since worked across some of the different product teams, including the open source Kedro project, which is a pipeline development framework, CausalNex which is a toolkit for causal reasoning and ‘what-if” analysis using Bayesian networks, Studio, a tool to help analytics teams execute and manage advanced analytics projects and Brix, a tool to share, discover, and re-use analytics assets. I’ve also worked on one client project, helping a Formula E team win their races using advanced Reinforcement Learning techniques.

I’m an avid open source contributor, contributing to several projects from being a core develop on Zarr to major contributions on Great Expectations and contributions to the wider data science tooling ecosystem including PyTorch, ngboost and various other projects like the Go Slack SDK.

I previously interned at Satavia, a small startup in Cambridge aimed at providing digital intelligence to the aviation industry, where I worked on designing and building their Flights API, which would return the impact on a given flights engine based on the environmental factors the plane encountered on the flight path.

Please feel free to reach out to me for a chat!



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