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Hi, I’m Zain (Patel)! I’m currently a developer at Maven Securities in our new systematic alpha division, where we build and run systematic trading strategies. Before that, I worked at QuantumBlack in their QuantumBlack Labs division, which was also new at the time that I joined, although much more mature now.

At Maven, I work on the High Performance Compute and Data (HPCD) team that powers our systematic trading strategies.

At QuantumBlack Labs, I worked across many of their different product teams, including starting and leading some. This includes the open source products Kedro, a pipeline development framework, CausalNex, a toolkit for causal reasoning and ‘what-if” analysis using Bayesian networks, and Studio, a tool to help analytics teams execute and manage advance analytics projects. I helped start and lead the Brix team, a platform to share, discover and re-use analytics assets. I also worked on some client projects, including helping a Formula E team improve their race performance with the use of advanced reinforcement learning strategies.

I’m an avid open source contributor, contributing to several projects from being a core develop on Zarr to major contributions on Great Expectations and contributions to the wider data science tooling ecosystem including PyTorch, ngboost and various other projects.

I previously interned at Satavia, a small startup in Cambridge aimed at providing digital intelligence to the aviation industry, where I worked on designing and building their Flights API, which would return the impact on a given flights engine based on the environmental factors the plane encountered on the flight path.

Please feel free to reach out to me for a chat!



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