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From what I gather, it looks like Github covertly launched a new feature that allows users to create a that renders on their user profile page, which is a pretty big shakeup of the github profile page, in my opinion. I heard about it through one of my friends, who heard about it from a friend, who heard about it on Twitter.

This is what it looks like (from my current profile):

mzjp2 github profile screenshot

To get your own, you need to create a new repository in your account with the same name as your account, so in my case, with my account name being mzjp2 I needed to create a public repository called mzjp2, accessible at with, at least, a

new repo creation screen

You can add additional files to your repository (I have a folder of svg icons located in there that I use as images in my README), but the only thing that ultimately gets rendered is the It follows the same rendering rules and follows the same Github markdown spec as all the other README’s you’re used to in any other repo.

One caveat that I ran into is that you shouldn’t use relative links in the README. For example, I had an <img src="icons/linkedin.svg"> reference in my which rendered fine locally since my repository structure had icons/ and on the same level and rendered fine on the README view inside the mzjp2/mzjp2 repo, but did not render well on my Github user profile. I switched to using aboslute links (pointing at Github’s user content static URL) and everything worked fine after that.

As you can imagine, people have gone wild with this new feature, building everything from a guestbook to a communal chess game on their profile. Some of the ones I’ve seen so far:

and plenty more. If there are any interesting ones you’ve come across, feel free to ping me an email and I’d love to check it out!

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